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Create Chat Folders

The more you use ChatGPT, the more you realized how desperately you need to stay organized. With Magai, we make it easy.

Tourist taking photo of a building
Tourist taking photo of a building

Paste a Link, Magai Knows What’s There

While ChatGPT might be unable to read a website in real time, Magai can! Just paste a link in your message and Magai will relay the contents of the URL to ChatGPT.

Easily Access Your Most Powerful Prompts

Got a prompt, product description, or other details that you find yourself needing over and over? Save them to your Prompt Library and access them instantly within your chats.

Tourist taking photo of a building
Tourist taking photo of a building

If ChatGPT Goes Down, Your History is Still Accessible

Your chats are stored safely on Magai’s servers, so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing when ChatGPT is encountering issues.

What’s the Difference Between ChatGPT and Magai? Lot’s of things…




Chat Interface


Gemini Pro


Claude AI


Perplexity AI




Saved Prompts


Dall-E 3

Stable Diffusion XL


Leonardo AI






Want the whole list of differences between Magai and ChatGPT? Read here.

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What People Are Saying

Magai has helped me unlock so much more potential through its chat personas, guided post generator, and a whole suite of tools that I never even thought AI could provide. And the customer support is very responsive too!

Justin Nava

Magai is quickly becoming a daily go-to tool for myself and my team. I particularly love the personas which really help give me the best possible results.

James Brooks

Imagine if all the top generative AI tools were packaged in one place, with an easy-to-use interface, to save time and minimize frustration? That’s Magai.

Jay Baer

I’ve used multiple AI tools in the past. Most have not given me the results that I wanted. Magai has been more on than off and that’s amazing. I love thinking of something, typing out the idea, and seeing Magai create content that can be used as-is or with slight tweaking. I can’t wait to see where Magai goes from here.

Joe Lalonde

Magai is a total game changer!!! In the process of researching, rewording and basic editing for my book, Magai has been THE key tool simply because I don’t have to leave the app to complete the tasks, leaving the flow uninterrupted. I absolutely love being able to write in a document alongside the chat flow. The personas are ON POINT, well designed, and flexible. 10 out of 10, for me!

Paige Bliss

As an avid ChatGPT user, I am well aware of the platform’s limitations in terms of user interface and functionality. Magai addresses these issues, and then some! I really like the ability to save prompts, edit conversations, and create different personas.  I’m just so much more productive with Magai.

Kim Reynolds

I’m so amazed at what Magai has allowed me to accomplish. Being able to organize my AI chats has been so nice. And the personas make it really easy to get better results than just using the generic assistant mode.

Catarina Stout

Magai is everything you wish OpenAI was but isn’t. The most compelling reason why I love Magai is having the ability to organize my prompts and chats in folders. This was a huge breath of digital fresh air for me as an AI user and as someone who manages the brands of my clients. My ONE word challenge to you is this: SUBSCRIBE. You won’t regret the Magai Magic! 😎

Greg Cross

Magai has really brought together a variety of useful AI tools under one umbrella that all interconnect with each other. For a business owner looking to utilize AI this helps me overcome one of the biggest obstacles –  the difficulty of actually getting started using the tools. The owner is also supportive, quick to respond, and frequently updates the platform. This is one tool I am enjoying growing with as a user.

Chris Schwab

Magai is world class and love the multi faceted features and that I can use Cluade and Chat GPT and also copy and make word doc.

Eric Skeldon

Magai has been a game-changer for my content writing and productivity. Work that used to take hours to draft and edit is now done in a matter of minutes, freeing up my time for the more needle-moving tasks in my business. Thanks Magai team!

Bianca Franzsen

Magai makes the world of AI tools accessible and easy-to-use. I’ve created graphics for content marketing, job descriptions for HR, summary outlines of podcast transcripts, and much more. Magai is an all-in-one tool that makes AI less intimidating for folks who don’t even know where to start.

KC Procter


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